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1. Where were you born and raised?

Answer: I was born and raised in the horse country of the North
Shore of Long Island New York.

2. Where did you study Art?

Answer: I studied at the "Art Student's League" in New York
City right out of High School.

3. Did you study in Europe?

Answer: Yes. In the middle sixties, I went to England to live
and further my education in the Arts. Upon returning home, my
art flurished. Many years later, I am still enjoying the world of

4. What is your favorite subject to paint?

Answer: If it has to do with animals, I have most likely painted
it. Animals are my first love and I enjoy doing custom pet
portraits of dogs, cats, horses and other cherished pets for
people around the world. In today's world of technology, it is
easy to do. The pet owner provides me with several of their
favorite digital photos of their pet and from those, I create a
custom work for them. With the convenience of the internet, we
can send our clients regular updates on the progress of their
piece via jpg file attachments through regular e-mails!

5. How long have you worked professionally as an artist?

Answer: I have sold my art as a professional for fifty years.

Below are some samples of Carole's work. If you would like any
high res image files, simply e-mail us at
[email protected]
and we will send them to you

6. What medium do you work in when doing commission Pet

Answer: I create in what is called tight water colors on
illustration board. Tight water color allows me to create with
great detail and the illustration board creates a finished work
that has structure and won't warp like water color on paper
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